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Lhasa Ayurveda and Wellness Resort

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We welcome you to come and experience the pure bliss of nature and the holistic healing of ayurveda with us.

True wellness lies in harmony. An ayurvedic approach to life is essentially balancing the energies within and around us to stay healthy and prevent lifestyle disorders. A holistic approach to healing involves the well-being of the physical body and the mind. Our current fast paced life has overlooked many key practices that are essential to live a life that is in alignment with nature, our surroundings and our consciousness. It is this realization that gave birth to the concept of Lhasa Ayurveda and Wellness Resort. The need for a retreat that promotes true connection to nature, offers holistic treatment options and promotes overall well-being is now more in need than ever. Set beside the gently flowing river Periyar, Lhasa is a soothing hideaway designed for those seeking to connect with themselves and nature in uninterrupted quietness. We have thoughtfully designed and furnished the stay keeping in mind the purpose of this retreat.

The name “Lhasa Kerala” brings together the enchanting locale of our resort and our family’s close ties with the Bhutanese traditions. During the 1980’s, Mr. Vijay D Deo, our founder, lived in the Himalayas for eight years and, whilst in Bhutan, he made a 12-day walking pilgrimage to Aja Ney, (the holy place of Lama Guru Padmasambhava). There, the presiding Lama presented him with a ‘Thangka of Lama Guru’ which symbolizes good luck in life – which inspired the Holy Lama Naturals brand name. Started on a modest scale, the brand made significant progress in manufacturing and marketing herbal naturals range and grew into a well-known enterprise of natural wellness & beauty products and spice concentrates. The concept and the company ethos were inspired by the lofty ideals of Lama Guru of Bhutan, the symbol of peace and nature. Continuing the same tradition, our latest venture into the wellness sector is also inspired from the Bhutanese word – “Lhasa” that means “Abode of God.” In a nutshell, we welcome you to stay in the God’s abode in God’s own country! Every facet of your stay here is in harmony with nature and the principles of ayurvedic lifestyle to make space for your growth and holistic healing.

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Vijay D Deo