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Sarpa Kavu

Sarpa Kavu is a natural, sacred grove found in traditional homes in Kerala. Standing as a testimony to the traditional belief system of worshipping and respecting nature, this grove is home to a variety of birds and wildlife in the region. The wisdom, strength and divinity it embodies is felt by anyone who chooses to spend some time here with an open heart and mind. The Sarpa Kavu also boosts the entire ecosystem and plays a part in biodiversity conservation. Most importantly, this space has its own positive vibration that can be felt by anyone who spends some time here. Relax in its shade and tap into the spiritual strength it offers or choose it as your meditation spot for the day. The serene river Periyar flowing right beside it adds its own charm to the whole experience.

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Swimming Pool

Our pool faces the river Periyar and is enveloped by shades of green from all sides. It’s up to you to choose a few laps across the water or to laze around the poolside and enjoy the breezy afternoons. The sunsets look stunning with different shades of orange, blue and red taking turns to amaze you. If you are lucky, you might spot a couple of water otters and other wildlife playing along the banks of the river. Also keep an eye open for the rare birds that pop in occasionally to take shade in the trees.

Sunset Cruise

A unique experiece exclusive to Lhasa Kerala is the chance to closely enjoy the beautiful sunsets of Kochi while cruising gently on along the river Periyar. The changing hues of the sky will leave you awestruck while invoking a peace that only nature could provide. This cruise also lets you spot some beautiful and rare birds that are indigenous to Kerala. Don’t forget to bring your camera along and capture some the mesmerizing evenings of Kochi.

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A holistic healing experience is not possible without including the art of yoga in your routine. The word “Yoga” means to unite or harmonize. A yogic approach essentially involves integrating or harmonising your body, mind, consciousness and senses. It cannot focus on the physical body alone. Yoga compliments the science of ayurveda and provides relief from physical and mental stress. Lhasa Kerala has a dedicated space for you to clear the clutter in your mind and experience yoga in a natural setting that amplifies the experience ten fold.

Organic Botanical Garden

Wherever you find yourself in the resort, the calming presence of lush trees will be found right beside you. Our garden is spotted with an interesting collection of rare medicinal herbs, plants and a wide variety of fruit trees. The swaying branches dance to the teasing winds, while the sun plays hide and seek through the canopies. The enchanting quietness experienced here is interrupted only by the chirping birds that fly in looking for shade. Recalling the times where uninterrupted conversations were not a rare luxury, the entire set up of the resort lets you connect to nature and yourself.

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Variety Of Flora

Lhasa also boasts of a beautifully nourished and well-kept garden with a range of fruit trees, medicinal plants, herbs and spices. Some of the trees and plants at the resort are listed here: Indian medicinal fig tree (Ficus racemosa), Gooseberry, Carambola (Starfruit), Sitaphal (Custard Apple), Irumban Puli (Averrhoa bilimbi), Jackfruit, Pamplemousse (Pomelo red citrus maxima), Chikoo (Sapota), Papaya , Angili Flywheel (wild jackfruit, Anjilli Chakka), Chambekyah (Rose Apple – 3 varieties), Ramboutan, Mangosteen, Guava, Pomegranate and Mango trees (4 varieties). Spread of other trees at Lhasa, by the lush riverside: Arecanut Palm Tree, Coconut tree, Bamboo tree, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Coffee, Moringa oleifera (Drumstick Tree), Tulsi (Holy Basil / Ocimum Sanctum), Neem Leaf Tree (Azadirachta Indica). Curry Leaf Tree (Murraya Koenigii), Lemongrass, Chaulmogra. Saraca Indica (Sita Ashok), Manjadikuru / red lucky seeds (Adenanthera pavonina), Laburnam Cassia (Vishukkani/Golden Shower Tree) and other ornamental palm trees. Flowering plants: Jasmine, Hibiscus, Champaka and Pichi poo.