Ayurveda Packages

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The basic philosophy of ayurveda is about balancing the principal energies in the body – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Vata is the energy that regulates movement and is composed of space and air, Pitta enables digestion and metabolism and is composed of fire and water while Kapha plays a role in balancing the body structure with its elements of earth and water. Ayurveda believes that the entire cosmos is a combination of five elements – Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. The imbalances in these energies, either through excess or deficiency leads to various health problems. Taking an holistic approach to healing, ayurveda believes in preventing diseases through maintaining the energy balance and strengthening the immune system, instead of treating disorders after they physically manifest. Ayurvedic healing pays close attention to one’s diet, thinking patterns, emotions and energies.
This balance can be disturbed by various internal and external factors stemming through negative thinking patterns and lifestyle problems. Each person is believed to have a unique combination of energies and characteristics that define their constitution. The treatment is highly personalized based on the constitution of each person. It begins with an evaluation by an ayurvedic physician, who determines the body type ( prakriti) and the imbalances, if any and suggests treatment accordingly. A complementing diet plan is also provided to achieve optimal healing.

It is ideal to carry out this treatment in a serene atmosphere that can amplify the results. Lhasa Ayurveda and Wellness Resort seeks to blend the healing power of nature with an ayurvedic approach and provide a holistic healing facility.

Services Offered

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